Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer is Here!


Degrees that is. Yep, that's the temperature today. I've been preparing and planning and now it's time to execute! I admittedly homeschool longer and harder during the summer months to fill in the time when we would normally go outside. This year will be no different. I'll be updating on our academic schedule this week, but our extracurricular routine will go a little something like this:

Monday~Crafts (Field trip if possible, but I've been storing activities for months.)

Tuesday~Pool Day
Wednesday~Library Day including free summer shows and reading incentives

Thursday~Bookman's Bookstore free summer events or Pool
Friday~Movie Day with the Harkin's Theatre Summer Movie Program ($7 for 10 movies)

Saturday~Mixture of free Lowe's and Home Depot building projects, Michael's free events, Lakeshore Learning free activities, and free activities at Changing Hands Bookstore. (See the theme here, FREE!) We also have an Astronomy Club that just started at the Mosque.

Also, Phoenix family, the Heard Museum is holding its FREE Sizzlin Summer Event again this year in July.

Sunday~Family Game Day and Talent Showcase

Pray for us! LOL  We have only just begun. I'm bracing myself for 115 and 117 days. My goal is to never hear, "I'm bored"!